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K., Italy, and Russia the task of determining the title to all of the Ottoman islands in the Aegean Sea (except Crete) and to the peninsula of Mount Athos" by the Treaty of London (not ratified) Treaty of Svres (not ratified) confirms Greece's sovereignty over the territory of Mount Athos and 'the persons therein' (formally confirmed by the Treaty of Lausanne , effective ). 1694) "il Peloponnesiaco" - Dec 1687 Nicol Corner Venetian General Superintendents of the Morea (Provveditori Generali in Morea; in Nauplion) - Girolamo (Jacopo) Corner (b. 1690) - Antonio Zeno - Dec 1694 Marino Michiel (b. 1695) - Apr 1695 Alessandro Molin - Dec 1696 Agostino Sagredo - Nov 1697 Paolo Nani - Jul 1700 Francesco Grimani - Sep 1702 Giacomo (Jacopo) da Mosto - Mar 1705 Antonio Nani - Dec 1707 Angelo Emo (b. 1750) - Dec 1710 Marco Loredano - Dec 1713 Antonio Loredano (b. 1865) Sep 1845 - Apr 1846 Gmrkc Mehmed Salih Pasha Apr 1846 - May 1847 Kara Osmanzade Yaqub Pasha May 1847 - Sep 1848 Dede Mustafa Hifzi Pasha (d.

Greece adopts the New Style (Gregorian) Calendar, Mount Athos refuses, continuing to use the Old Style (Julian) Calendar. 1860) Sep 1848 - Aug 1849 Egribozlu Ebubekir Sami Pasha (d. 1876) Jan 1856 - Sep 1857 Pepe Mehmed Emin Pasha Sep 1857 - May 1858 zdemiroglu Mehmed Rifat Pasha (d.

Peloponnesian Senate established in revolt for the whole , in revolt, for Western Greece. Nov 1312 Emperor Andrnikos II Palaiolgos (Andronicus II Palaeologus) issued a chrysobull by which he transferred jurisdiction over the monasteries, including the appointment of the Prtos, to the Ecumenical Patriarchs of Constantinople. Sep 1574 Patriarch Ieremas II (Jeremiah II) approves a new typikn for restoring holy vows and strengthening monasticism.

Areopagus of Eastern Continental Greece is elected in revolt, for Continental Greece, then part of the Aegaean province. 1868) Con Kolokotrnis Italian Plenipotentiary (in Athens) - Pellegrino Ghigi (b. 1995) PNF Italian Military Commanders Greece (in Athens) (in Epirus, Thessaly, Peloponnese, Attica, Corfu, Cephalonia, Leucadia, Ithaca, Paxos, Zante, Euboea, Naxos, Cyclades, Samos, and Eastern Crete [Lasithi prefecture]) - Carlo Geloso (b. 1575 Ottoman Sultan appoints a representative to be resident in Mount Athos at Karys.

Russia continues to press for the internationalization of Mount Athos (under its protection or the six Orthodox states [Russia, Greece, Serbia, Romania, Montenegro, and Bulgaria]) until 1917.

On , the monks formally submitted themselves to the personal protection of Hitler by letter (a small German garrison is present Jun 1943 - ). 1811) (= Anton Konstantinovich Psaro) (head of local government of Mystrs, in rebellion) 1770 - Jun 1770 Niklaos Fortonis (head of local government of Gastoni, in rebellion) Corinth (Krinthos) occupied by Venice. Morea confirmed under Venetian Republic rule by the Treaty of Karlowitz. Jun 1867 - Feb 1869 Arnavud Mehmed Akif Pasha (s.a.) (2nd time) Feb 1869 - Sep 1871 Mehmed Sabri Pasha (d. 1901) - 1878 I) Mar 1880 - Jun 1880 Abidin Pasha Aug 1880 - Jan 1882 Lofali Ibrahim Dervish Pasha Mar 1882 - Sep 1885 Ismail Hakki Pasha Sep 1885 - Aug 1886 Hasan Hakki Pasha Aug 1886 - Aug 1891 Abdullah Galib Pasha Oct 1891 - Nov 1895 Mustafa Zihni Pasha (b. 1911) 1895 Hasan Fehmi Pasha (1st time) Jan 1896 - Jan 1899 Ramazanoglu Hseyin Riza Pasha Jan 1899 - May 1901 Haci Hasan Refik Pasha May 1901 - May 1902 Biren Mahmud Tevfik Beg (b. 1956) May 1902 - Sep 1904 Hasan Fehmi Pasha (2nd time) Sep 1904 - Aug 1908 Mehmed Sherif Ra'uf Pasha Aug 1908 - Sep 1909 Ali Danis Beg Sep 1909 - Jan 1912 Pirizade Ibrahim Hayrullah Bey (b. 1934) Jan 1912 - Kadri Huseyin Kazim Bey Aug 1912 - Sep 1912 Ali Ferid Pasha (b. 1937) Sep 1912 Mehmed Nazim Pasha Note: included in Selanik (Thessalonki) was Thsos Island (Turkish: Taşz). 1877) Oct 1858 - Jan 1863 Lofali Ibrahim Dervish Pasha (2nd time) (s.a.) Feb 1864 - Jun 1867 Kayserli Ahmed Pasha Jun 1867 - Mar 1868 Ibrahim Edhem Pasha (b. 1893) Mar 1868 - Oct 1871 Ahmed Rasim Pasha Nov 1871 - Sep 1872 Safvet Pasha Sep 1872 - May 1873 Bursali Mehmed Redif Pasha May 1873 - Dec 1873 Diviti Ismail Hakki Pasha (d. 1911) Jan 1912 - Aug 1912 Ayni Mehmed Ali Bey Aug 1912 - 1912 Arnavut Hasan Tahsin Pasha36 BC - 30 BC Part of the Kingdom of Egypt under Cleopatra VII (nominally a vassal of Rome).

1385 - 1430 Under Ottoman suzerainty.) occupied by Italy (from Germany) Plans by Italy to annex the area to Albania fail due to local resistance. 1323) (also count palatine of Cephalonia and Zante) 1323 - 1335 Ionnis "Komnins Dokas" (b. 1335) (= Giovanni Orsini) 1335 - 1338 Nikifros V "Dokas" (1st time) (b. 1359) (= Nicphore Orsini) (also count palatine of Cephalonia and Zante) 1335 - 1338 "Palaiologna" (f) -Regent (d. 1384) (= Toma Preljubović) - 1385 Mara Angelna "Dokaina (b. Vice Admiral Felice Napoleone Canevaro, commanding the Italian warships in Cretan waters, is chosen to command the combined naval forces of the Great Powers. 1929) (commander of Greek expeditionary force) 1897 Fotyadi Karatodori (= Fotiadi Karatheodors) 1897 - Muşavir Ismail Pasha (acting) - Ahmed Cevad Pasha (2nd time) (s.a.) Oct 1898 - Nov 1898 Ethem Pasha (b. 1909) President of the Central Political Committee of Crete Chairmen of the Cretan Assembly - Aug 1897 Ionnis Konstantnou Sfakiankis (s.a.) (Sphakiankis) (1st time) Aug 1897 - Elefthrios Kyrikou Venizlos (b. 1936) - Ionnis Konstantnou Sfakiankis (s.a.) (2nd time) Chief ministers Constitution (of ) effective. K., France and Russia recognize the union of the Ionian Islands with Greece in accordance with a treaty between U. 1566 Part of the Ottoman Empire (part of Elayet of Djeza'ir-i Bahr-i Sefid).

Apr 1941 - Sep 1943 Alkividis Diamntis (Alcibiadi Diamandi)(b. 1948) and Niklaos Matosis (communities in Axis occupied northern Greece. af.1363) 1338 - 1345 part of Byzantine Empire 1345 - 1355 part of Serbia 1355 - 1359 Nikifros V "Dokas" (2nd time) (s.a.) 1359 - 1366 Symen Oresis (= Simeon Uro) (b. He warns Greece and Cretan insurgents to cease all hostilities. K., France, Russia, and Greece concluded at London .

International Organizations/Treaties: AG, AIIB (applicant), ANT, APM, BIS, BSEC, BTWC, CE, CERN, CFE, CTBT, CWC, DC (observer), EAPC, EBRD, ECB, EIB, EMU, ENMOD, ESA, ESCR, EU, Euratom, Eutelsat, FAO, FATF, G- 6, IAEA, IBRD, ICAO, ICC, ICCt, ICRM, ICSID, IDA, IEA, IFAD, IFC, IFRCS, IGAD (partner), IHO, ILO, IMF, IMO, IMSO, Interpol, IOC, IOM, IPU, of the legendary Trojan War between Mycenaean Greeks and Troy (Troa/lios).

c.900 BC Athens founded, as one of many independent city- states.

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