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'I have a full head of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes now, I still keep the cream with me in case the impulse comes back so I don't pull and use that instead.'It's a big relief, I can walk around without a hat and feel like I have overcome the urge now, I struggled for 20 years with this thing I couldn't stop and now I finally made myself a cure.'Ms Kight's trichotillomania developed during childhood and worsened during her parents' divorce.

She said: 'I started off pulling out eyelashes to wish for world peace, then my cat and things for my family, it was my seven-year-old version of fixing things and became a way of coping.'I remember my parents being so disappointed with me when I had pulled out all of my eyelashes, but it became a thing I couldn't stop for some reason and moved onto other areas.'Trichotillomania is such a manic thing, everything with my life was out of my control, I struggled with anxiety and depression, I didn't manage any of it so pulled at my hair.

She also often made up stories to excuse her bald patches.

She said: 'I didn't have the emotional intelligence to say to people that I was pulling out my hair and so I would come up with crazy stories to justify it.'I told someone I was in a horse riding accident, that Velcro caused my hair to come off and other things.'I literally ran out of any stories to make up, people would always ask me about and it was horrible, I felt on the spot and just tried to hide.'Ms Kight is fundraising to help make her product available to other sufferers.

It is more common in females and usually develops in early life.

Trichotillomania is a psychological disorder that causes sufferers to pull out their hair.

Some sufferers also suck or chew their hair, which can cause digestive issues if swallowed. Ms Kight's class were set a project to create a solution to a medical problem.

She decided to work on the world's first lotion for trichotillomania.

According to Ms Kight, the leave-in conditioner creates a relaxing, hot and cold sensation that eases pulling urges, meaning she now has a full head of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes for the first time in 20 years.

She said: 'I went to therapists growing-up but they were expensive and no medication worked, so when I got older I wanted to start work on a product myself.'I made a leave-in conditioner that when put in creates a sensation to replace hair pulling and use it to create awareness of when a person is doing it so they don't get a bald patch.'When you get stung by a bee or have itchy skin from a bug bite there is a cream, so I thought why not work on a remedy to address this urge.'It makes your skin feel hot and cold and more relaxed, like a hot ice-cube on your head, I found it doesn't make me want to pull.'She said: 'For me now, the impulse is no longer engraved in my brain, I'm able to say "no" and choose not to pull instead of instinctively doing it without realizing.

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